Have you ever felt that your furnace is turning on and off quite frequently? If you see any such issues, then your furnace is short cycling that needs to be corrected. Neglecting these issues will result in high electricity bills and damage to the furnace. Rather than investing in high maintenance payments, schedule an HVAC tune-up by calling your furnace installation in Lewisville. The HVAC experts will meticulously inspect each part of your furnace, which will help you maintain its efficient performance.

Reasons For Short Cycling In Your Furnace?

There could be a few reasons behind frequently turning on and off of the furnace. Contact your HVAC contractor and let them observe the furnace closely and fix the issue. Or else, you might need to plan a furnace replacement in Lewisville. The most commonly found reasons for short cycling includes;

  • Obstruction in Airflow

If your furnace is shutting off quite repeatedly, there might be some issue in the air circulation. Look for any blockage in the air pathway of your furnace and notify a trustworthy company of furnace installation in Lewisville to book a service. There can be several other problems that can lead to decreased airflow.

For example, an air filter with a clog can obstruct the air circulation and cause heat retention. This retained heat will overheat your furnace. To improve the performance of your heating unit, keep cleaning and changing the air filter and save your furnace from short cycling.
A dirty blower wheel can also be a reason for the rapid turn-off and on of your furnace. Furthermore, if there is some blockage in the vents, you should immediately clean it to avoid short cycling of your furnace.

  • Defective Thermostat

A programmable thermostat controls your entire heating system automatically. If your furnace is turning on and off pretty frequently, then you must check the settings of your thermostat and reset them. Additionally, there might be some other defects in your thermostat, such as damaged wiring or old batteries. If resetting the temperature and changing batteries is not enough, then book a service from your furnace installation in Lewisville to fix it up.

  • Faulty Flame Sensor

A flame sensor helps in accessing the flame in your furnace when the gas valves are open. If there is no flame, then the flame sensor will automatically turn the gas valves off. If your flame sensor is dirty and corroded, it will not detect the flame and turn the gas valve close. It will cause frequent shutting down of your heating unit. Schedule a heating repair from your furnace installation in Lewisville and get a properly working flame sensor.

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