commercial AC

Maintaining the air conditioning system in a commercial setting isn’t merely about comfort; it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth operation and prolonging the life of the equipment. Overlooking this crucial maintenance can lead to inefficiencies that not only cost money but could disrupt business operations. Regular AC maintenance ensures that each component functions to its best capacity, providing consistent cooling and preventing unexpected failures.

Understanding the requirements of commercial AC maintenance is important, but it’s important to recognize that these systems are more complex than residential units. They are typically larger, handle more intensive use, and demand more frequent checks to keep them running efficiently. Our professionals and technicians are well-versed in the unique challenges presented by commercial air conditioning systems. We not only tackle these challenges head-on but also provide tailored maintenance strategies that enhance system performance and contribute to prolonged operational life.

Delve into specific maintenance duties, explore common issues, and know when to engage our skilled professionals for a comprehensive check-up. Effectively managing these aspects prevents minor problems from escalating into costly repairs, ensuring that your AC system supports your business environment reliably and efficiently.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial AC Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning maintenance is pivotal in ensuring the seamless operation of AC systems in business environments. When our team approaches AC maintenance, we prioritize a thorough inspection to preemptively address potential issues before they develop into costly repairs. Regular maintenance enhances the system’s efficiency, which is vital in reducing energy costs associated with large commercial spaces.

During a maintenance check, our technicians focus on the air filters, coils, and fins—components crucial for efficient airflow, which is often hampered by dirt and debris if not regularly cleaned. Ensuring these parts are clean not only improves the efficiency but also extends the lifespan of the unit. Our professionals handle these tasks with utmost precision to certify that the system functions at its optimal capacity, providing consistent cooling without unexpected disruptions.

Key Maintenance Tasks for Optimal AC Performance

Our technicians execute several tasks with precision to maintain peak AC performance. Below is a list of key maintenance activities essential for keeping commercial AC systems in top condition:

  1. Filter Replacement: Dirty filters hinder airflow and reduce a system’s efficiency significantly. Replacing or cleaning the air filters regularly ensures cleaner, fresher air and better system performance.
  2. Coil Cleaning: The evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over time which insulates the coil and reduces its ability to absorb heat. Our technicians clean these coils to ensure they operate efficiently.
  3. Checking Refrigerant Levels: Improper refrigerant levels can cause your AC system to work harder, increasing energy costs and reducing its lifespan. We check the refrigerant levels during each tune-up to ensure they are just right.
  4. Inspecting & Tightening Electrical Connections: Loose connections can lead to unsafe operation of your AC system and reduce the life of its components. Our technicians make sure all connections are tight and secure during maintenance visits.
  5. Thermostat Settings Review: To save energy and maintain comfort, we check the thermostat settings to ensure the system runs at the optimal times as per the specific needs of the commercial space.

Each of these tasks is crucial in preventing unexpected failures and ensuring the AC system works efficiently year-round. By entrusting us with regular maintenance, you benefit from reduced operating costs and prolonged equipment life, ensuring a comfortable environment for your commercial space without interruption.

Troubleshooting Common AC Problems in Commercial Buildings

In commercial settings, recognizing and addressing common AC problems swiftly can prevent extensive disruptions and expensive repairs. We often encounter a variety of issues that, if spotted early, can be resolved without significant inconvenience. One frequent issue is inconsistent cooling, which can be due to obstructed airflow or a malfunctioning thermostat. Another common problem is unusual noise during operation, which may stem from loose parts or obstructions within the system.

Additionally, an unexplained increase in energy bills can indicate an AC efficiency problem. This might be triggered by leaking refrigerant or aging components that struggle to perform their roles effectively. Our team of experts is adept at identifying the root causes of these issues quickly and implementing solutions that restore optimal performance and efficiency to your AC systems.

When to Call Our Professionals for AC Maintenance

Knowing when to call in professionals for AC maintenance can save you time and money, ensuring that your commercial air conditioning system remains in peak condition. It is advisable to reach out to our technicians if you observe any signs of decreased performance, such as rooms not cooling down sufficiently, spikes in your usual energy costs, or strange sounds coming from the unit. Additionally, if the air emitted from your vents has an unpleasant odor, it’s a prompt for a professional check-up.

Regular professional maintenance is also crucial right before peak usage seasons. This proactive approach ensures that your systems are prepared to handle increased demands. Moreover, annual or bi-annual maintenance appointments can help in diagnosing potential issues early, which in turn extends the lifespan of your AC units and maintains their efficiency.


Maintaining the air conditioning systems in commercial buildings is not just about comfort but also about efficiency and reliability. Whether you are managing a small office or a large commercial complex, ensuring that your AC systems are functioning correctly is essential for the well-being of your operations and occupants. Regular maintenance, timely troubleshooting of common problems, and understanding when to call in experts are key components of effective AC management.

With our experienced professionals ready to assist, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, prompt service, and definitive solutions that keep your system at its best. For expert AC services in Lewisville, TX, reach out to us today. Let Ashford Mechanical keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on what matters most in your business!