The efficiency of your air conditioner may be lower than it should be, indicating that it does not run fully. When your air conditioner is running, you must maintain it to not break down on you one day.

When your air conditioners are efficient, they consume less power and therefore drastically reduce the costs. There are some ways in which you can ensure the highest possible efficiency in your air conditioner. Here are a few steps to enhance your AC efficiency:

1. Clean outdoor unit

Maintain the area around the condenser clean. If your outside unit is clean and free of debris, it will run more efficiently.

An AC repair in Lewisville can, however, undertake a more complete, in-depth cleaning.

2. Vacuum the inside vents

To help maintain consistent airflow from your system, clean dust and debris away from indoor supply vents. Keep the blinds, furniture, and toys away from the vents.

Take some time to clean out any debris that has accumulated in your indoor air supply vents. Do this to keep your system’s airflow consistent. Make certain that all of the vents are free of obstructions. Even if you have to change the furniture in a space, this is critical.

3. Adjust Thermostat

Raise your thermostat temperature by a few degrees. Changing the temperature degrees can save money and energy.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature at different periods of the day or when you’ll be gone for several hours.

4. Keep heat-generating appliances away

You should keep lamps, heaters, and other heat-producing equipment away.

The thermostat-based thermostat-producing devices will indicate that the air in your home needs to cool more and force the system to run longer and work harder than required.

5. Close the curtains and blinds

In the heat of the day, close the drapes and blinds. The closing of your curtains or blinds prevents some heat from entering your house if the sun shines right on your windows.

6. Clean drain line

Make sure your drain line is clear. The indoor cooling coil, which is usually located above the furnace in the basement, has a drain.

You can keep your air conditioning drain clear all summer long by spraying a cup of chlorine bleach and rinsing it with water.

7. Keep your filters clean

If your filters are clogged, airflow is reduced, resulting in less cooling in your home.

Dirty filters can even reduce airflow to the point where your air conditioning coil freezes, causing damage to your compressor.

You can avoid such issues entirely if you keep an eye on your filters and clean or replace them as soon as they become dirty.

8. Seal air leaks

To prevent conditioned air from seeping out, any ductwork that passes through unconditioned portions of your home, like your attic, should be properly sealed.

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