Regular maintenance of the furnace is essential to the overall health and efficiency of the system. Ignoring maintenance can reduce the furnace’s efficiency as it could result in minor faults turning into severe breakdowns and trying to fix these breakdowns can be frustrating.

What are some common furnace problems?

Here are some of the most common furnace problems that can arise from a lack of maintenance:

  • Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are the prime indication of improper maintenance. Clogging of the filters is because of the accumulation of dirt and debris. It reduces the system’s efficiency for air circulation. Moreover, continued usage of clogged filters can result in system failure because of the induced workload.

  • Faulty Pilot Light

It can be because of the pilot opening or faulty light button clogging. Therefore, homeowners must inspect the light button and clean the pilot light. Supervision from an expert technician can be more helpful.

  • A Cracked Heat Exchanger

This is one of the most dangerous furnace breakdowns, as it can lead to leakage of toxic gases like carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide has a dangerous effect on health. Therefore, homeowners should fix this issue as soon as possible.

How often should the furnace be maintained?

A furnace should have a tune-up at least once a year. Annual maintenance with an in-depth examination can help the owners identify potential faults and fix them before they become serious. Consulting a trusted HVAC provider can assure the owners of the best services.

Servicing the furnace every fall can ensure its efficient working during the winter.

Below are some benefits of annual furnace tune-up to consider:

  • Reduce Costly Breakdowns

Regular maintenance can help identify the problems before they turn into severe breakdowns. By being proactive about these problems, an HVAC service provider can help the owners fix them during a regular maintenance visit. It will help the owners save themselves from expensive breakdowns during the busy winter and maintain comfort in their homes.

  • Increased Efficiency And Reduced Power Bills

Regular maintenance can help the owners prevent severe breakdowns and ensure the efficiency of their furnaces. An expert service provider will help the furnace run at its peak efficiency, and it does not drain high power. It will help the owners get the best result from their furnaces and save from high power bills.

  • Extend The Life Of The Furnace

A furnace free from damages like leaks, cracks, and blockages can run with ease for many years without any problem. Owners must, however, adhere to a routine maintenance schedule for this to occur. Therefore, keeping it maintained can protect it from premature replacements and ensure its longevity.


An efficiently working furnace is essential to maintain the comfort and harmony of the home. Lack of maintenance can ruin this comfort and make the owners worry about the system. A trusted HVAC service provider like Ashford Mechanical LLC is ready to help the owners.

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