Homeowners feel the need to reset their heating systems because they might feel it isn’t functioning properly. Resetting the thermostat and the furnace helps. But if the problem persists, you need to call for professional help. However, before contacting an expert, you should try to reset the thermostat and your unit.

The Need For Furnace Resetting

The reset button is not going to work all the time, but circumstances that call for such a resolve are:

  • There was a power outage or heavy voltage switch in your electricity supply.
  • The furnace was experiencing inadequate oil or gas supply.
  • You have kids and pets who must have done something. Unnecessary with the furnace in your absence.
  • You just fixed an issue and want the heating unit to restart efficiently.
  • A professional advised you to reset it.

Where Is The Reset Button?

Most reset buttons are located inside your blower compartment. Before pressing the reset button, there are a few things that you need to do. Switch off power, gas, or oil supply to your furnace. Look at the circuit breaker to efficiently allow your heating unit to shut down.

Easy Reset Tips

Sometimes, a task as simple as resetting your HVAC unit becomes difficult. This happens when you cannot locate it or fail to do it despite the button being right in front of you. Ask yourself, have you pressed the button and held it down long enough? Sometimes the five-second hold does not help. Try the 30-second hold.

  • Look into the manual for specific settings
  • Wipe and unclog filters before switching the furnace back on
  • Find thermostat reset instructions

If you don’t have a manual, copy the product and model code to search online. With Ashford Mechanical as the most efficient and reliable heating repair in Lewisville, you no longer have to worry about repairs. We will be right at your doorstep in case of any untimely furnace breakdowns.

Digital Thermostats: A Guide

Digital thermostats are great to use, the new modern way of keeping yourself warm and comfortable while following recent trends. These are easier to reset because everything is presented right in front of you. However, beware of the factory reset button. It will forget all default settings, regarding specific temperatures and timings, besides restarting the HVAC system.

Batteries are the lifelines for digital systems. Taking them out or rubbing them, or putting them back in reverse will do the trick. It doesn’t work all the time, but if it does for you, this trip was worth reading! If it doesn’t, simply change the batteries, and the heating unit will be good to go.

Still Cannot Reset Your Heating System?

Sometimes furnaces can be difficult to operate and even more complex to fix. Leave this task to Ashford Mechanical. We serve residential, commercial, and new construction areas with our best professional services. Heating repair in Lewisville has never been easier! You can even grab some wonderful offers on our website or call us at 469-444-0628. We give you a pocket-friendly estimate that is well suited according to your requirements.