What Is The Best Way To Clean Your AC Unit?

To ensure your AC unit functions optimally, you must keep it clean and well-maintained. Neglecting your AC unit can reduce efficiency, energy bills, and potentially costly repairs. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the best ways to clean your AC unit to keep it in top shape. If you need assistance with your AC services in Lewisville and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Ashford Mechanical. We’re here to help you keep your home cool and comfortable.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most effective methods of cleaning your AC unit:

  • Turn Off The Power:
    Before beginning any cleaning, switching off the power supply to the AC unit is essential. This can be done by turning off the circuit breaker that powers the unit or unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Turning off the power is necessary to avoid any potential accidents during the cleaning process.
  • Clean The Filter:
    The filter is an essential component of your AC unit, as it helps to prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from entering the system. However, the filter might get clogged with dirt and debris over time, reducing the unit’s efficiency. You can remove the filter from the unit and wash it with soap and water to clean it. Alternatively, vacuum the filter to remove any loose dirt or debris. It’s essential to clean or replace the filter regularly to ensure optimal performance.
  • Clear The Area Around The Unit:
    The area around the AC unit should be clear of any debris, such as leaves, branches, or other outdoor debris. This is important to ensure proper airflow to the unit and prevent any potential damage to the system. Clearing the area around the unit can be done by removing debris by hand or using a blower or vacuum.
  • Clean The Coils:
    The coils in your AC unit are responsible for transferring heat to and from the system. However, the coils can become clogged with dirt and debris over time, reducing the unit’s efficiency. You can use a soft brush to remove loose dirt or debris and clean the coils. Alternatively, you can use a commercial coil cleaner, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. It’s essential to clean the coils at least once a year to ensure optimal performance.
  • Clean The Condenser:
    The condenser is an essential component of your AC unit, as it helps to release heat from the system. However, the condenser can become clogged with dirt and debris over time, reducing the unit’s efficiency. To clean the condenser, you can use a hose to rinse it off or use a commercial condenser cleaner. It’s essential to clean the condenser at least once a year to ensure optimal performance.

    Regular cleaning and maintenance of your AC unit are crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent potentially costly repairs. Following the tips, you can keep your AC unit running smoothly throughout the summer. We are always available to assist you with our dependable AC repair services in Lewisville if you require repair services. You can count on us to get your AC unit functioning optimally again.

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If you’re searching for reliable AC repair services in Lewisville, look no further than Ashford Mechanical. Our experienced technicians are available to provide the highest quality service and ensure your home is comfortable year-round. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service and use only the highest quality materials for all our services.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling? How To Fix?

If your air conditioner is not cooling as it should, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. The problem may vary from simple maintenance issues to more complicated ones, but in either case, getting your AC serviced by a professional technician is essential.

If your air conditioning is not cooling, you can contact Ashford Mechanical, a leading AC service repair company in Lewisville with years of experience and expertise. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that your AC unit is in good hands.

Here are some reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling and how to fix them

  • Dirty Air Filters:
    Dirty air filters are one of the most common reasons your air conditioner might not be cooling effectively. Over time, air filters can become clogged with dust and debris, restricting airflow and making it difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home.

    To fix this issue, you should clean or replace your air filters at least once every three months. This will ensure that your air conditioner is operating at its maximum efficiency and that your home is cool and comfortable.

  • Refrigerant Leak:
    The refrigerant is a chemical that cools the air in your air conditioning unit. If there is a leak in the refrigerant system, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your home effectively. You may notice that your air conditioner is running continuously but is not producing enough cool air.

    If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak, you should contact a professional air conditioning technician such as Ashford Mechanical immediately. We can diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring that your air conditioner works optimally.

  • Faulty Condenser Coil:
    The condenser coil is responsible for releasing heat from your air conditioning unit. If the condenser coil is dirty or damaged, it will not be able to release heat efficiently, which can cause your air conditioner to stop cooling your home effectively.

    To fix this issue, you can clean the condenser coil with a soft brush or cloth. If the condenser coil is damaged, contact a professional air conditioning technician like Ashford Mechanical for AC repair in Lewisville. We will repair or replace the condenser coil as per necessary.

  • Blocked Air Ducts:
    Air ducts are responsible for circulating cool air throughout your home. If your air ducts are blocked or obstructed, cool air will not be able to circulate effectively, which can cause your air conditioner to stop cooling your home.

    You should check your air ducts for any obstructions, such as furniture, carpets, or other objects. If you cannot detect the problem, you should contact our professional air conditioning technician to inspect and clean your air ducts. Ashford Mechanical provides efficient and reliable AC service in Lewisville, clearing your air ducts and repairing any other issues found during the process.

  • Faulty Thermostat:
    If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, it can cause your air conditioner to turn off too soon or too late, which can cause your home to become too hot or too cold. If you notice that your air conditioner is not turning on at the set temperature, you may have a faulty thermostat.

    It would be best to replace your thermostat or contact a professional air conditioning technician to fix the issue.

  • Dirty Evaporator Coil:
    The evaporator coil removes heat from the air inside your home. If it’s dirty or clogged, it can’t remove heat efficiently, making it difficult for the unit to cool the room.

    You can clean the evaporator coil with a soft brush or cloth. If the evaporator coil is damaged, you should contact our professional air conditioning technician to repair or replace it.

  • Faulty Compressor:
    The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning unit, and it circulates refrigerant throughout the system. If the compressor is faulty, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your home effectively. You may notice unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner, such as grinding or clicking sounds.

    If you suspect your compressor is faulty, contact a professional air conditioning technician like Ashford Mechanical to repair or replace it.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling. Some of the issues are easy to fix, while others require the expertise of a professional AC technician.

If you are facing any of these issues, consider Ashford Mechanical for prompt AC service and repair in Lewisville. Our team of experienced and certified technicians can quickly diagnose and fix any AC problem.

Don’t let a faulty air conditioner ruin your summer. Contact Ashford Mechanical and enjoy a cool and comfortable home all season long.

Your Air Conditioner is Dripping—What Do You Do?

Being a complex piece of machinery, air conditioners can cause and experience various issues over the years. If your air conditioner is dripping water, it could indicate a severe problem that requires immediate attention.

Ashford Mechanical is your go-to company for AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your AC unit inspected and repaired. In this blog post, we’ll look at the significant reasons your air conditioner might be dripping and what you can do about it.

Why Do Air Conditioners Drip?

The answer is simple: they produce condensation. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, the moisture in the air condenses into water droplets. This is why you see water droplets on a hot day outside a cold glass. Air conditioners work similarly. They cool the air inside your home or office, causing moisture to condense on the cold evaporator coils inside the unit. This condensation drips down into a collection pan or drains, leading it outside. Now that we understand why air conditioners drip, let’s look at five major reasons why your unit might be dripping and the steps you can take to troubleshoot them:

Clogged Drain Line

The most common reason why an air conditioner drips is because of a clogged drain line. The drain line is responsible for draining out the water created when the AC unit cools the air. If the drain line becomes clogged with debris, it can cause water to back up and leak out of the unit. To fix this issue, you must thoroughly clean the drain line. You can do this by pouring hot water and vinegar down the drain line to dissolve buildup.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the substance that cools the air in your AC unit. If your air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, leading to water dripping. To fix this issue, contact our professionals to recharge your AC unit with refrigerant, as it is dangerous for the untrained hand. Contact us to schedule your AC service in Lewisville, TX.

Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is dirty, it can cause your AC unit to freeze up, leading to water dripping. The air filter is responsible for trapping dust and debris; if it becomes clogged, it can restrict the airflow in your AC unit. This can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, leading to water dripping. To prevent this issue, clean or replace your air filter every 1-3 months, depending on usage.

Faulty Condensate Pump

If your AC unit is located in a basement or other low-lying area, it might have a condensate pump responsible for pumping the water out of the unit. If the pump becomes faulty, it can cause water to back up and leak out of the unit. To fix this issue, turn the power off, then locate and replace the pump. However, we recommend leaving this to the professionals.

Incorrect AC Installation

If your air conditioning unit is not installed correctly, it can lead to water dripping. If the AC unit is not level, it can cause water to pool and leak out of the unit. Additionally, if the unit is not adequately insulated, it can cause condensation, which can lead to water dripping. If there are any issues with the installation, we will correct them to prevent further problems. If you are in or around Lewisville, TX, get in touch with us, and we will take care of all your AC repair and service needs.

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What Is The Most Common Problem Of Air Failure On An Air Conditioning System?

A properly functioning AC system is essential for a comfortable living environment and workspaces. It keeps the air cool indoors when there is hot weather. But like all machines, air conditioning systems can fail, leaving you without the comfort you need. Understanding the most common problems of air failure on an air conditioning system is crucial for preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of your AC.

In this article, we’ll go over the top reasons for air conditioning system failures and the importance of having your AC serviced by professional technicians. If you reside in the area and are on the search for a professional contractor, contact Ashford Mechanical for AC services in Lewisville. Contact us immediately if you have any further queries.

What is the Most Frequent Cause of Air Conditioning System Air Flow Failure?

  • AC Compressor Failure: One of the most common problems of air failure in air conditioning systems is compressor failure. The compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant throughout the AC system. When the compressor fails, the entire air conditioning system stops functioning. The compressor can fail for various reasons, such as a lack of proper maintenance, overloading, or age. Having your AC system regularly serviced is crucial to ensure that the compressor and other parts are functioning correctly.

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant leaks are another common problem of air failure in air conditioning systems. Refrigerant is the substance that cools the air in your AC. If there is an issue in the system, the refrigerant will slowly escape, reducing the effectiveness of your AC. In extreme cases, a refrigerant leak can cause the entire system to shut down. Various factors, including damaged or worn-out refrigerant lines, corrosion, or poor installation, can cause refrigerant leaks. Regular maintenance can help detect refrigerant leaks early and prevent more significant problems from developing.

  • Dirty Air Filters: Dirty air filters are another common cause of air failure in air conditioning systems. Air filters are responsible for removing impurities from the air, such as dust and pet dander. When filters become clogged with dirt and debris, they can restrict airflow, reducing the efficiency of your AC. Air filters should be replaced or cleaned every three months to ensure they function correctly. If you have pets or live in an area with high pollution levels, you may need to replace or clean your filters more often.

  • Faulty Thermostat: A faulty thermostat can also cause air failure in air conditioning systems. The thermostat is responsible for adjusting the temperature in your home or business. If the thermostat is not functioning effectively, it can cause the AC to turn on and off at the wrong times, reducing its efficiency. Regular maintenance can help detect a faulty thermostat and prevent it from causing more significant problems. If you suspect your thermostat is not working correctly, contact us for AC repair in Lewisville as soon as possible.

Why Choose Ashford Mechanical For AC Services In Lewisville?

Our experienced and skilled team have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair any problems with your AC system. We provide AC repair in Lewisville, including AC service and installation. Our professionals are trained to work on all makes and models of air conditioning systems, so you can be sure that we have the skills to get your AC back up and running quickly. We aim to provide our customers with the highest customer service. Our technicians will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.
Don’t hesitate to call our professionals if you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning system or require regular maintenance.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Air Conditioning Repair Contractor?

A pleasant atmosphere in your home is essential to living in comfort. One of the main aspects of providing comfort to you and your home is heating and air conditioning. While having the proper HVAC systems within your home is essential, these costly devices are unusable if not maintained and repaired properly by air conditioning contractors in Lewisville.

After a long period of usage, various issues can occur. It is important to seek the assistance of a skilled HVAC company in these instances.

Tips For Selecting The Right AC Repair Company

Many companies offer AC repair services in Lewisville. However, you require a company that can be responsive to your requirements and offers you the highest quality service.

A few tips to remember when selecting an AC repair service company are:

  • Work quality

Employing a technician from an HVAC company may be required, but it is important to ensure you do not need to compromise on the quality of work. An individual with less expertise or experience cannot work effectively on your HVAC system as they could ruin it and cause many repairs in the future.

  • Compare Prices

Heating your home could leave a dent in your pocket if you do not compare the estimates of several companies. While it may be time-consuming, it’s always best to look at work and cost estimates to ensure you’re not being fooled. Create a list of companies that will stay within your budget. You can then select the one with the most effective and affordable AC repair service in Lewisville.

  • Customer Service

It is important not to feel nervous or uncomfortable when discussing your system’s issues with your technician. The technicians should be friendly and welcoming to their customers to allow you to contact them in an emergency.

  • After Service

Customer service is among the most vital aspects you must know before settling on a professional. Pick a company that will comprehensively answer any questions you may encounter. What can you do?

Find out what former and current clients have to say about the follow-up support of the company. There are many sources for verifying the legitimacy of a business within the local community.

  • Experience

The AC repair service you select should possess sufficient knowledge and experience to deal with all HVAC issues. It shouldn’t happen that you call them to discuss any issue related to your system only to find that they don’t help you because of their lack of knowledge.

  • Reviews

It is easy to check reviews of past customers of the HVAC company you’re planning to choose. Through these reviews, you’ll learn about their work processes, how fast they complete the job, and how great their work is. It is important to know these aspects before deciding, so you don’t have to worry about dissatisfaction at some point shortly.

  • Emergency

HVAC models frequently cause trouble at night or in the middle of the evening. Before you finalize any HVAC company, check if they offer emergency assistance during calls. It isn’t easy to locate a new business during such hours.

The Final Word

Considering all the factors above, Ashford Mechanical is a top air conditioning contractor in Lewisville, providing professional and top-quality service to our customers. You can reach us via our website, by calling 469-444-0628 

How Do You Know When Your Heater Is Going Out?

As the days become shorter and temperatures fall, ensure you have an energy-efficient heating system in your home as your first protection against the cold. Timely furnace repair in Lewisville can significantly improve your security and peace of mind.

It will also ensure that your home will be comfortable and safe as you adjust the thermostat. Yet, like any other appliance, your heating system will likely require replacement eventually.

Signs That Tell You That The Heating Unit Needs Replacement

Repair and maintenance of your furnace are vital to the heating system in your home. If you’re experiencing heating issues as the calendar shifts towards winter or any other time, do not hesitate to speak with our HVAC professional for a heater repair in Lewisville:

  • Increased Energy Costs

The older your furnace system is, the more electricity it uses to heat your home. An aged furnace will still not heat your home as effectively as it once did.

Your utility costs will reflect the additional effort your heating system must put in to keep the system running. One clue that you need a new heating system is if your heating costs seem significantly greater this winter than last winter.

  • Strange Sounds

It’s normal to feel disturbances when your furnace is running; however, a sound you’re unfamiliar with could indicate that your furnace is experiencing trouble. The rattling, pounding, and screeching sounds can be signs of aging. In these instances, you must shut off your system and have it examined by a specialist.

  • Poorly Sized System

If your heater is set up correctly, it will run longer without stopping. As the system ages and is less effective, it will be able to switch off and back on more often to keep the desired temperature in the room.

This is a great reason to employ an expert to fix your furnace or air conditioning unit. A poorly-sized HVAC unit, whether too big or small for your home, can overheat while working continuously.

  • Damaged Equipment

The furnace comprises metal components that expand and contract while the system operates. Metal’s constant closure and opening could cause it to break in time. In the worst-case scenario, broken metal may let carbon monoxide escape into your home.

If you notice any damage on your heater, switch it off and call our experts to conduct a system inspection. Our experienced technician will tell you if your appliance is appropriate for the operation.

  • Accumulation of Dust

If you observe an excessive accumulation of dust, debris, and soot in your home even when the furnace is running, there is something wrong with the furnace. This scenario recommends upgrading your furnace to a better model to ensure top-quality service.

  • Uneven Heating

If you notice a difference in the temperature of various rooms in your house, it could be due to a problem with the furnace. It is recommended to contact an HVAC expert to get a heating replacement if the furnace isn’t heating your house effectively, even after frequent furnace repairs in Lewisville.

  • High Humidity

If you notice the humid air in your home, it is recommended to schedule an HVAC repair. If the HVAC experts spot major problems with your furnace, then replacing it is ideal.

Ashford Mechanical LLC is there whenever you require a furnace repair. Contact us at 469-444-0628, and our staff will be there to resolve your heating issue. You can also send an email for heater repair in Lewisville.

What Should You Do If Your Room Heater Fails?

Our certified furnace repair technicians in Lewisville suggest that even if there are many ways to warm your home, there is none more efficient than the electric space heater; that’s why they are widely used.

If your space heater continues to shut off, it might be challenging to know what to do, but resolving the problem is not difficult. It is possible to determine why you are experiencing frequent shut-offs, even if you are experienced with electronics.

What Should You Do If Your Space Heater Ceases To Work?

It’s not necessary to have an engineer’s qualifications for a space heater repair in Lewisville; however, it is helpful to have some understanding of electricity. If you feel electrical repairs are too difficult for your abilities, contact an electrician or take the heater in for repair instead of trying to disassemble a heater to fix it. Some repairs do not require disassembly, and anyone can make these repairs easily and safely.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Dusty air filters are one of the main causes of space heater shutdowns. It hinders airflow and, as a result, heat builds up within your heater, causing it to stop working.

That is only applicable to heaters with a built-in fan which can blow warm air. If you’re unsure whether your heater has an inbuilt fan, switch it on and listen. Do you hear a “blowing” breeze sound? If yes, check the manual to determine where the filter is and take the air filter off.

You can clean the air filter by pulling the dirt off with your fingertips. Our furnace repair experts in Lewisville advise using an old toothbrush to dry scrub the dust away from the filters.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

The failure of an electric space heater to switch on is among the most frequently encountered issues with the heater; the main reason is the tripped circuit breaker. If the breaker keeps tripping, it is necessary to remove other household appliances from the circuit or connect the heater to another.

  • Weak Power Supply

If you have an insufficient home power source, the home circuit may not supply enough power, even though you don’t have many connected devices. In this instance, getting an electrician to check this for you is best. They will be able to determine the amount of power available.

  • A Defective Heating Element

If the space heater turns on but does not produce enough heat, one or more heating elements could be the cause. You can test the problem using the aid of a multimeter. Before you embark on the hassle of disassembling the heater to get at the components and controls, ensure that the heater isn’t operating in eco mode or is programmed to shut off at a particular time or at a time-specific temperature.


Most of the time, you can pinpoint the cause of the space heater not working by testing various wall outlets, cleansing the air filters, or setting it in another location. Replacing the space heater is typically the best choice when you’ve identified the issue.

If you cannot determine the reason and the solution, seek expert help to fix a room heater by calling Ashford Mechanical. Call us at 469-444-0628 or mail us to fix an appointment with one of our best technicians for heater repair in Lewisville.

Furnace Repair Tips That All Homeowners Should Know

Heating appliances need proper maintenance and tune-ups and quality maintenance services from HVAC experts should be performed. Proper care and knowledge about your system can save you from breakdowns and extra expenses. Follow the furnace repair tips suggested by our professionals for heater repair. In the event that the issue with your furnace persits, despite following these repair tips, contact Ashford Mechanical for the best HVAC services in Lewisville.

Simple Furnace Repair Tips You Should Know

To ensure the safe and efficient working of your furnace, it is always better to know the basics and handle the equipment with precision before calling our technician for repair. Simple and quick fixes can help you address the furnace problems and ensure top performance.

  • Reset The Thermostat

The thermostat is a pivotal control device for your furnace. It regulates the temperature and entire fan settings. Therefore, after you notice signs of thermostat malfunction, start by checking the furnace switch set to heat mode. Try changing the temperature settings to about a few degrees higher, and turn on the heat.

Failed batteries and no power can also be the causes, so check the switchboard. Replace the batteries, change the fuse box, and look for possible wiring or placement mistakes. Remember, cleaning the dirt and debris is essential if you want your furnace to work in the longer run.

  • Change Air Filters

Clogged filters are the most common issue with every faulty furnace. It starts with restricted airflow and then ultimately blocks the air passage, which blocks the heat exchanger, and the system overheats. All these components are connected to air circulation, so if one unit fails, the overall heating efficiency of the house declines.

In such a situation, you can change the air filter and run the furnace to see if warm air is blowing out. If the airflow is restored, you have successfully saved money. Also, examine the heat exchangers and clean the soot over them for more efficiency.

  • Clean The Exhaust

Exhaust is essential to ventilation and ductwork as it can easily get clogged by debris, leaves, sticks, and a bird’s nest. Therefore, be mindful while repairing the exhaust. Turn off the furnace first, then pull out the exhaust duct and the filter.

Clean the debris with a brush or light vacuum and assemble the equipment. Turn on the furnace and see if the ducts and exhaust work properly. Turn it off in case of any strange sound and contact us. Ashford Mechanical provides the best heater repair in Lewisville.

  • Seal The Ducts

A small crack or hole in the ductwork can lead to system malfunction due to short cycling and over-exhaustion. If you hear a hissing sound from the ducts, examine it carefully and locate the broken section.

Cover the gaps with caulk or duct sealing tape precisely. Don’t forget to check the branching ducts and damper bypasses. Ensure no hissing sound comes from ducts after covering the gaps and that the branching duct sections are intact all over.

The Bottom Line

If your system stays out of function after all the above-given fixes, contact Ashford Mechanical to schedule a service. We specialize in furnace repair in Lewisville and promptly serve all HVAC emergencies.

How Often Should Furnace Maintenance Be Performed?

Regular maintenance of the furnace is essential to the overall health and efficiency of the system. Ignoring maintenance can reduce the furnace’s efficiency as it could result in minor faults turning into severe breakdowns and trying to fix these breakdowns can be frustrating.

What are some common furnace problems?

Here are some of the most common furnace problems that can arise from a lack of maintenance:

  • Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are the prime indication of improper maintenance. Clogging of the filters is because of the accumulation of dirt and debris. It reduces the system’s efficiency for air circulation. Moreover, continued usage of clogged filters can result in system failure because of the induced workload.

  • Faulty Pilot Light

It can be because of the pilot opening or faulty light button clogging. Therefore, homeowners must inspect the light button and clean the pilot light. Supervision from an expert technician can be more helpful.

  • A Cracked Heat Exchanger

This is one of the most dangerous furnace breakdowns, as it can lead to leakage of toxic gases like carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide has a dangerous effect on health. Therefore, homeowners should fix this issue as soon as possible.

How often should the furnace be maintained?

A furnace should have a tune-up at least once a year. Annual maintenance with an in-depth examination can help the owners identify potential faults and fix them before they become serious. Consulting a trusted HVAC provider can assure the owners of the best services.

Servicing the furnace every fall can ensure its efficient working during the winter.

Below are some benefits of annual furnace tune-up to consider:

  • Reduce Costly Breakdowns

Regular maintenance can help identify the problems before they turn into severe breakdowns. By being proactive about these problems, an HVAC service provider can help the owners fix them during a regular maintenance visit. It will help the owners save themselves from expensive breakdowns during the busy winter and maintain comfort in their homes.

  • Increased Efficiency And Reduced Power Bills

Regular maintenance can help the owners prevent severe breakdowns and ensure the efficiency of their furnaces. An expert service provider will help the furnace run at its peak efficiency, and it does not drain high power. It will help the owners get the best result from their furnaces and save from high power bills.

  • Extend The Life Of The Furnace

A furnace free from damages like leaks, cracks, and blockages can run with ease for many years without any problem. Owners must, however, adhere to a routine maintenance schedule for this to occur. Therefore, keeping it maintained can protect it from premature replacements and ensure its longevity.


An efficiently working furnace is essential to maintain the comfort and harmony of the home. Lack of maintenance can ruin this comfort and make the owners worry about the system. A trusted HVAC service provider like Ashford Mechanical LLC is ready to help the owners.

Our expert and experienced technicians will help the owners solve furnace problems and provide the best furnace services, including heat pump service in Lewisville. Owners can contact us at (469) 444-0628. We are glad to help!

How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs A Tune-up?

Like any other home appliance, you should be mindful of your HVAC system. It requires on-time maintenance to work efficiently. Many homeowners search for air conditioning tune-ups near me online whenever the AC behaves abnormally.

Top 6 signs that your air conditioning service is pending.

  • Your HVAC Is Getting Old

This sign in particular, is the most prominent for any HVAC system to go through maintenance work. Typically an air conditioner can perform for about 15 to 20 years and that is only possible when you opt for the required AC repair in Lewisville on time. You should service your system twice a year, and it can go up to seasonal service once your HVAC system crosses the 10-year threshold.

  • The AC Is Making A Weird Noise

An air conditioner is supposed to make minimal noise while running. Any excessive and constant noise like whirring, clanking or whooshing sound indicates that the system is making an extra effort to run. We suggest you go for AC repair in Lewisville for immediate maintenance service.

  • Your Energy Cost Has Sky-Rocketed

As a homeowner, you have a clear idea regarding your energy costs. Even though your AC is not that old, it consumes more electricity than ever to operate. Since it is an internal problem, we advise you to look for an air conditioner tune-up near me online.

  • You Are Getting Warm Air In The Summer

In the summer, the air conditioner setting remains cold, but even in this mode, you get warm air. That is a sign that your AC is going through a rough patch as low refrigerant, dirty air filters, etc.

  • Indoor Air Quality Has Decreased

You may not feel this problem in the beginning as it grows systematically. In this case, one problem leads to another – the evaporator coils start freezing up, the air filters will not work efficiently, and the ducts will carry low-quality air.

Mildew and mold will grow in your AC. As a result, the indoor air quality downgrades severely. That is where you should start looking for an air conditioner tune-up near me online.

  • The Temperature Distribution Is Uneven

If you are using a central AC system, this can happen due to the leaky ducts. In the case of ductless mini-split systems, the issue is with the individual unit.

Under any circumstances, never leave this problem unattended. Contact a reliable service for AC repair in Lewisville to solve this problem.


Try to identify these signs in your AC from time to time and always service your system at least twice to remain on the safe side. While discussing AC maintenance service, you should only select Ashford Mechanical – one of the few professional companies you will find online if you search for air conditioning tune-up near me.

We have provided quality HVAC service to our clients over the years. We will be happy to repair your air conditioning unit with our experienced professionals trained to work with the latest technology.