A poorly operating air conditioning device could stand in the way of a comfortable temperature inside your residential or commercial property during harsh summer weather. Regular upkeep of your split air conditioning device protects you from compromising your convenience and improves the cooling unit’s lifespan.

Therefore, you must not overlook your AC service in Lewisville, or you might have to spend excessive money on repairs or replacements.

1. How Often Should You Clean Or Service Your Cooling Device?

Individuals in most regions of the cities in Texas commonly use split air conditioners throughout the year. Also, as suggested by the professionals, you should thoroughly clean your air conditioning device at least once a year.
In addition, you can also opt to call expert technicians twice a year at the start of hot and cold seasons to clean your cooling device. A team of professional HVAC technicians examine the unit for any impairment and start their cleaning process at your scheduled time.

2. What Is The Process Of AC Cleaning?

  • AC filter cleaning
  • Drain cleaning with leakage inspection
  • Coil cleaning
  • Fan cleaning
  • Coolant inspection
  • Technical check
After the cleaning process finishes, the professionals recommend whether your air conditioner needs a repair or a replacement, based on their assessment. Besides the standard cleaning and maintenance, you must also schedule AC checks at fixed intervals to experience the excellent performance of the air conditioner.

3. What Happens When You Don't Get Your Air Conditioner Regularly Cleaned?

Malfunctioned air conditioning devices can blow out toxic gasses and stinky smells that are detrimental to your health and the atmosphere. In addition, you may fail to enjoy the required cooling temperature if you do not schedule regular air conditioning cleaning services. Following are some of the consequences of not cleaning your cooling system accurately.
  • Device Breakdown

If you do not schedule regular cleaning for your air conditioning system, its condition may deteriorate, and some vital components and wires might get damaged. It is often challenging to replace the crucial pieces, resulting in a comprehensive breakdown.

  • Blocked Air Filters

Due to a lack of air conditioner upkeep, the cleaning process gets hindered, leading to blocked air filters. Sand and dirt particles clog the air conditioner coils, filters, and fan, impacting the ideal functioning of the cooling device. In these circumstances, the unit may not be able to attain the preferred temperature.

  • Undesirable Noise And Odor

A malfunctioned air conditioning system may pose an undue strain on the compressor, creating a loud noise. Obstructed filters or water leakage can again blow out undesirable stale smells. For instance, refrigerant (gas) leakage causes a hissing sound from the air conditioner and is dangerous to inhale.

  • An Expensive Deal

Air conditioning repair expenses are pricier than upkeep and cleaning charges. In case of excessive harm to the device, you may even have to replace the entire system. Furthermore, the air conditioner will use more energy than usual, and you may have to pay costly electricity bills due to improper functioning.


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