Like any other home appliance, you should be mindful of your HVAC system. It requires on-time maintenance to work efficiently. Many homeowners search for air conditioning tune-ups near me online whenever the AC behaves abnormally.

Top 6 signs that your air conditioning service is pending.

  • Your HVAC Is Getting Old

This sign in particular, is the most prominent for any HVAC system to go through maintenance work. Typically an air conditioner can perform for about 15 to 20 years and that is only possible when you opt for the required AC repair in Lewisville on time. You should service your system twice a year, and it can go up to seasonal service once your HVAC system crosses the 10-year threshold.

  • The AC Is Making A Weird Noise

An air conditioner is supposed to make minimal noise while running. Any excessive and constant noise like whirring, clanking or whooshing sound indicates that the system is making an extra effort to run. We suggest you go for AC repair in Lewisville for immediate maintenance service.

  • Your Energy Cost Has Sky-Rocketed

As a homeowner, you have a clear idea regarding your energy costs. Even though your AC is not that old, it consumes more electricity than ever to operate. Since it is an internal problem, we advise you to look for an air conditioner tune-up near me online.

  • You Are Getting Warm Air In The Summer

In the summer, the air conditioner setting remains cold, but even in this mode, you get warm air. That is a sign that your AC is going through a rough patch as low refrigerant, dirty air filters, etc.

  • Indoor Air Quality Has Decreased

You may not feel this problem in the beginning as it grows systematically. In this case, one problem leads to another – the evaporator coils start freezing up, the air filters will not work efficiently, and the ducts will carry low-quality air.

Mildew and mold will grow in your AC. As a result, the indoor air quality downgrades severely. That is where you should start looking for an air conditioner tune-up near me online.

  • The Temperature Distribution Is Uneven

If you are using a central AC system, this can happen due to the leaky ducts. In the case of ductless mini-split systems, the issue is with the individual unit.

Under any circumstances, never leave this problem unattended. Contact a reliable service for AC repair in Lewisville to solve this problem.


Try to identify these signs in your AC from time to time and always service your system at least twice to remain on the safe side. While discussing AC maintenance service, you should only select Ashford Mechanical – one of the few professional companies you will find online if you search for air conditioning tune-up near me.

We have provided quality HVAC service to our clients over the years. We will be happy to repair your air conditioning unit with our experienced professionals trained to work with the latest technology.