Our certified furnace repair technicians in Lewisville suggest that even if there are many ways to warm your home, there is none more efficient than the electric space heater; that’s why they are widely used.

If your space heater continues to shut off, it might be challenging to know what to do, but resolving the problem is not difficult. It is possible to determine why you are experiencing frequent shut-offs, even if you are experienced with electronics.

What Should You Do If Your Space Heater Ceases To Work?

It’s not necessary to have an engineer’s qualifications for a space heater repair in Lewisville; however, it is helpful to have some understanding of electricity. If you feel electrical repairs are too difficult for your abilities, contact an electrician or take the heater in for repair instead of trying to disassemble a heater to fix it. Some repairs do not require disassembly, and anyone can make these repairs easily and safely.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Dusty air filters are one of the main causes of space heater shutdowns. It hinders airflow and, as a result, heat builds up within your heater, causing it to stop working.

That is only applicable to heaters with a built-in fan which can blow warm air. If you’re unsure whether your heater has an inbuilt fan, switch it on and listen. Do you hear a “blowing” breeze sound? If yes, check the manual to determine where the filter is and take the air filter off.

You can clean the air filter by pulling the dirt off with your fingertips. Our furnace repair experts in Lewisville advise using an old toothbrush to dry scrub the dust away from the filters.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

The failure of an electric space heater to switch on is among the most frequently encountered issues with the heater; the main reason is the tripped circuit breaker. If the breaker keeps tripping, it is necessary to remove other household appliances from the circuit or connect the heater to another.

  • Weak Power Supply

If you have an insufficient home power source, the home circuit may not supply enough power, even though you don’t have many connected devices. In this instance, getting an electrician to check this for you is best. They will be able to determine the amount of power available.

  • A Defective Heating Element

If the space heater turns on but does not produce enough heat, one or more heating elements could be the cause. You can test the problem using the aid of a multimeter. Before you embark on the hassle of disassembling the heater to get at the components and controls, ensure that the heater isn’t operating in eco mode or is programmed to shut off at a particular time or at a time-specific temperature.


Most of the time, you can pinpoint the cause of the space heater not working by testing various wall outlets, cleansing the air filters, or setting it in another location. Replacing the space heater is typically the best choice when you’ve identified the issue.

If you cannot determine the reason and the solution, seek expert help to fix a room heater by calling Ashford Mechanical. Call us at 469-444-0628 or mail us to fix an appointment with one of our best technicians for heater repair in Lewisville.