Heating appliances need proper maintenance and tune-ups and quality maintenance services from HVAC experts should be performed. Proper care and knowledge about your system can save you from breakdowns and extra expenses. Follow the furnace repair tips suggested by our professionals for heater repair. In the event that the issue with your furnace persits, despite following these repair tips, contact Ashford Mechanical for the best HVAC services in Lewisville.

Simple Furnace Repair Tips You Should Know

To ensure the safe and efficient working of your furnace, it is always better to know the basics and handle the equipment with precision before calling our technician for repair. Simple and quick fixes can help you address the furnace problems and ensure top performance.

  • Reset The Thermostat

The thermostat is a pivotal control device for your furnace. It regulates the temperature and entire fan settings. Therefore, after you notice signs of thermostat malfunction, start by checking the furnace switch set to heat mode. Try changing the temperature settings to about a few degrees higher, and turn on the heat.

Failed batteries and no power can also be the causes, so check the switchboard. Replace the batteries, change the fuse box, and look for possible wiring or placement mistakes. Remember, cleaning the dirt and debris is essential if you want your furnace to work in the longer run.

  • Change Air Filters

Clogged filters are the most common issue with every faulty furnace. It starts with restricted airflow and then ultimately blocks the air passage, which blocks the heat exchanger, and the system overheats. All these components are connected to air circulation, so if one unit fails, the overall heating efficiency of the house declines.

In such a situation, you can change the air filter and run the furnace to see if warm air is blowing out. If the airflow is restored, you have successfully saved money. Also, examine the heat exchangers and clean the soot over them for more efficiency.

  • Clean The Exhaust

Exhaust is essential to ventilation and ductwork as it can easily get clogged by debris, leaves, sticks, and a bird’s nest. Therefore, be mindful while repairing the exhaust. Turn off the furnace first, then pull out the exhaust duct and the filter.

Clean the debris with a brush or light vacuum and assemble the equipment. Turn on the furnace and see if the ducts and exhaust work properly. Turn it off in case of any strange sound and contact us. Ashford Mechanical provides the best heater repair in Lewisville.

  • Seal The Ducts

A small crack or hole in the ductwork can lead to system malfunction due to short cycling and over-exhaustion. If you hear a hissing sound from the ducts, examine it carefully and locate the broken section.

Cover the gaps with caulk or duct sealing tape precisely. Don’t forget to check the branching ducts and damper bypasses. Ensure no hissing sound comes from ducts after covering the gaps and that the branching duct sections are intact all over.

The Bottom Line

If your system stays out of function after all the above-given fixes, contact Ashford Mechanical to schedule a service. We specialize in furnace repair in Lewisville and promptly serve all HVAC emergencies.