Most electrical appliances do not go well with water. Even the manuals indicate that you should not pour water on such devices.

It is a bit different for air conditioners, as some parts require water to operate effectively. However, this does not mean that all components of the air conditioning system need spraying.

Spraying water is a part of an efficient and functional air-conditioning system and is also a part of routine AC service in Lewisville.

One of the most significant areas where water is constantly needed is the AC condenser. Here is why spraying down water on AC condenser is essential:

1. To improve its efficiency and reduce power consumption

Your device may have more AC power in hot weather as compared to cold weather. When you spray water onto the condenser, it will stop the evaporative cooling device, thereby reducing energy consumption.

The working principle of an AC is to take the hot water that is present inside the house. In this case, spraying water will lower the outside air temperature, at least as much as it needs to be removed, increasing efficiency and saving money.

2. To make your conditioner cleaner and better

Suctioning air by the condenser will leave various residues, and the particles will affect the operation of the AC device. If they accumulate on the vents over time, your AC will face constant issues.

To ensure that it is not a drawback for the system, spraying or splashing water during the cleaning process can help often. The condenser in which the particles are captive in the equivalent device no longer maintains the cooling effect of the device.

In addition, the capacitor will start to overheat and eventually stop working. Thus, early prevention is the best option compared to buying a new capacitor.

3. To extend the lifespan of the system

As long as you take good care of the cooling device, the device can work properly. If you do not maintain the device, don’t expect it to last for a long time.

Cleaning with water is a way to keep the air conditioner running. It is only a case of condensers that require water.

Converting a functioning condenser to the same condenser for the entire AC system will extend the lifespan of the AC by many years.

Is Spraying Water on The Air Conditioner Useful?

Since the air contains water mist, the ambient temperature is used as heat before the condensation unit stops evaporating the water mist.

When the temperature drops, the air conditioner does not have to work hard. In short, it improves the cooling capacity and efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The cleaning process is quite simple. You can complete it by yourself. However, if you are doubtful about something, it is recommended to seek professional AC service in Lewisville.


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